Song Defu, secretary of the Communist Party of China¡¯s Fujian Provincial Committee, extends congratulations on the Seventh CIFIT:
Firstly, congratulations on the ceremonious opening of the Seventh China International Fair for Investment and Trade and a warm welcome to distinguished guests and friends from home and abroad.
Opening up to the world is China¡¯s long-term basic policy.
Our practice and history have demonstrated that opening up makes the nation prosperous and isolation makes it weak and vulnerable.
Under such new circumstances as accelerated globalization and China becoming a member of the World Trade Organization, it becomes the best choice for us to open upwider to the world. We must remain integrated with the rest of the world in a proactive manner, and faithfully enforce the combined strategies of attracting overseas investments and going global. We must get more involved in international economic co-operation and exchanges across a greater range, wider fields and at higher levels, making full use of domestic and foreign markets
and resources. Only in this way can we attain an advantageous position in international competition and lay a solid foundation for the goal of building a well-off society in an all-round way.
CIFIT is China¡¯s only national event dedicated to the promotion of international investment. Its first six sessions have contributed significantly to the opening-up drive inFujian, and facilitated the
implementation of the national opening-up policy and the work of utilizing foreign funds nationwide. It has become an efficient channel for international capital to enter China and an important bridge for Chinese enterprises to enter the world market.
This session is the first large national event featuring economic and trade activities since China triumphed over SARS. It is also a good opportunity for our province to display a new image in our opening up effort toward further development. We shall sum up the past experiences and, under the direction of the Ministry of Commerce, spare no effort to do a good job in a warm, well-rounded and down-toearth manner while ensuring security, in a bid to make suchtwo-way investment promotion
greater, wider and more substantive.
To be greater is to attract a greater amount of foreign investment, to enable a greater number of domestic enterprises to go global, and to provide greater opportunities for domestic and overseas investors and business people.
To be wider is to access a wider source of foreign capital, to expand into wider areas for foreign investment, and to achieve a wider range of co-operation and exchange between domestic and foreign businesses.
To be more substantive is to attach more importance to the fair¡¯s substantive results and to exert more influence on the world by reaching a greater success. At the same time, we are pushing for this event to become an international investment expo with concerted efforts from central government bodies and other provinces and
I believe the Seventh CIFIT will be a complete triumph and wish all friends good health and successful businesses negotiations during their stay in Fujian.



Workers put the finishing touches on the Xiamen International Exhibition Centre yesterday in preparation for the latest China
International Fair for Investment and Trade. The event, the seventh in its history, will start tomorrow in the city of Xiamen, East China¡¯s Fujian Province.

The Seventh China International Fair for Investment and Trade (CIFIT) will open tomorrow in Xiamen, Fujian.
On behalf of the Ministry of Commerce of the People¡¯s Republic of China, I would like to wish the Seventh CIFIT a great success on this grand occasion.
I believe that the level of CIFIT will be further improved and greater progress will be made in terms of promoting foreign investment in China
and the overseas investment of Chinese enterprises.
As it focuses on the two major themes of ¡°Introducing Foreign Direct Investment (FDI)¡± and ¡°Going Global,¡± and centres around China¡¯s policy on FDI utilization, CIFIT will give full publicity to the foreign investment policy, law and investment environment, actively accelerate
the implementation of China¡¯s ¡°Going Global¡± strategy, and invite enterprises and officials from key destination countries and regions of investment to introduce investment.
CIFIT has become a platform for expanding exchanges between Chinese and foreign investors as well as governments, and furthering the understanding about each other and increasing co-operation.
At present, CIFIT is the only national economic and trade event with the theme of investment promotion in China. Since 1997, it has been held annually from September 8-11 in Xiamen. Thirty-one provinces, municipalities, autonomous regions and some cities directly under State planning as well as relevant departments of the State Council of China are members of the Organizing Committee of CIFIT.
Sponsored by the Ministry of Commerce, with UNCTAD and WAIPA as the co-sponsors, the Seventh CIFIT has been organized by the Fujian Provincial Government and Xiamen, as well as the Investment Promotion Office under
the Ministry of Commerce.
The Seventh CIFIT will be a grand event for international investment and co-operation.
Many enterprises from 31 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions
across China and relevant government departments will organize delegations to participate in the event.
Industrial and commercial as well as financial enterprises and government investment promotion agencies from over 30 countries and regions will
actively take part in the event.(continued on Page 2)

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Hong Kong has become a world-class financial,
trading and business centre and, indeed, a great metropolis.
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