¡°International Invest- ment Forum¡±
Major speakers: China¡¯s State leader; Lu Fuyuan, minister of Commerce; Li Rongrong, minister of the National Assets Regulatory & Management Commission (or Zhou Xiaochuan, president of the People¡¯s Bank of China); dignitaries from Caribbean regions; multinational CEOs in manufacturing or service sectors; relevant leaders from the Hong Kong SAR Government; chairman of the Sino- US National Trade Committee.
Major contents: the status quo of China¡¯s utilization of foreign direct investment; China¡¯s investment promotion policies; chief measures China undertakes to optimize its investment environment; the status quo and development trends of international capital flow; analysis of successful examples of transnational corporations¡¯ investment in China; introduction by overseas governments of the experiences and measures taken to promote investment.
¡°Press Release of the Report on World Investment¡±
Sponsor: UNCTAD.
Theme: A comparison of global FDI volume between the year 2002 and the previous one; regional distribution of transnational capital; overview of China¡¯s absorption of FDI; ranking of world¡¯s top 100 multinationals, regional and categorical distribution.
The means and degree of influence by multinationals on the global economy. Major speakers: Ma Xiuhong, vice-minister of MOFCOM; leader of the Bureau of Investment Promotion Affairs, MOFCOM; a representative of UNCTAD.
¡°Going Global¡± semi- nars ¡°Co-operation Between Chinese and Euro-American Contractors¡±
Major speakers: Nobert Young, president of McGraw-Hill Construction; Stephen E. Sandherr, CEO of US General Contractors Association; an expert from the British Civil Engineers Association; an expert from the French International Contractors Association; an expert from the German Building Industry Association.
Major contents: The seminar will invite CEOs and experts from the Euro-American contracting industry to introduce the contracting work market, its development trends, relevant policies, and laws and regulations regarding contracting business in US and chief European countries.
¡°Overseas Investment by Chinese Enterprises ¡ª Environment and Opportunities in Emerging Investment Markets¡±
Major speakers: Arvind Mayaram, vice-chairman of WAIPA; Wu Xilin, deputy director general of the Department of International Economic Co-operation, MOFCOM; Hamdani, deputy director of the Investment Department, UNCTAD.
¡°Caribbean Investment Forum¡±
Major speakers: Ma Xiuhong, deputy minister of MOFCOM; Jong Tjien Fa, minister of Trade and Industry, Suriname; Dell Marshall, minister of Industry and International Commerce, Barbados; Pierre, minister of Commerce, St. Lucia; Powell, minister of Commerce, Science and Technology, Jamaica; officials from the government of Guiana, Antigua & Barbuda, Bahamas.
Major Contents: Introduction of investment policies, investment environment, investment projects, enterprises and other hot economic issues in the eight Caribbean countries.
¡°CEPA Between the Mainland and Hong Kong¡± seminar Major speakers: Relevant leaders of MOFCOM; government officials from the Hong Kong SAR Government; leader of the Department of Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao Affairs.
¡°Technology and IT Industries in Hong Kong¡± seminar Major speakers: Chow Bofan, director of Information Technology, Zang Manlong, director of Science and Technology, of Invest Hong Kong; Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks.
Major contents: Introduction of the information technology industry, and of science and technology in Hong Kong; requirements and application procedures for enterprises to get listed on the Hong Kong Stock Market; briefing on Hong Kong¡¯s Cyberport and Hong Kong¡¯s science and technology parks.
¡°Investment Policies of ASEAN Countries¡± symposium Theme: Promoting the investment policies and investment environment of ASEAN countries. Major speakers: Nguyen Anh Tuan, deputy director general of the Department of Foreign Direct Investment, Ministry of Planning and Investment, Vietnam; the director general of the Bureau of Domestic and Foreign Investment Administration, Laos; Theo F. Toemion, chairman of the Investment Co-ordinating Board (BKPM), Indonesia.
Major contents: Investment policies of ASEAN countries. ¡°Introducing FDI¡± seminars ¡°Legal Seminar on Mergers & Acquisitions
of Domestic Enterprises by Foreign Investors¡±
Major speakers: Leaders from MOFCOM¡¯s Department of Treaty and Law; the Department of Capital and Project of the State Administration of Foreign Exchange; the International Affairs Department of the State General Tax Bureau.
Major contents: Tax policies for M&As by foreign investors; foreign exchange management in M&As by foreign investors; legal problems occurring in M&As of domestic enterprises by foreign investors.
¡°International Co-operation for Auto Parts and Accessories¡± Theme: Promoting the investment policies and investment environment of ASEAN countries. Major speakers: Leader of the Department of Foreign Investment Administration; leader of the China Association of Automobile Industry; a representative from an automobile multinational.
¡°Foreign Investment in Service Trade¡± Sponsor: Department of Foreign Investment Administration, Department of Commercial Reform and Development, MOFCOM; Fair Trade Bureau of the State General Bureau of Industrial and Commercial Administration.
Major speakers: Representatives from central governments and enterprises concerned.
¡°FDI Policies in Export Sourcing and Chain Business¡± symposium Sponsor: Department of Foreign Investment Administration, Department of Treaty and Law, Department of Market System Development, MOFCOM.
Major speakers: Representatives from MOFCOM; a representative from Li & Fung, Carrefour, Walmart, B&Q from the UK, Jardine Milk.
¡°Exchange of Information on Consumer Products¡± Sponsor: Department of Foreign Investment Administration, Department of Foreign Trade, MOFCOM.
Major speakers: Leader from the Department of Foreign Investment Administration, MOFCOM; a representative from Carrefour, Walmart; public relations manager of Auchan China; Huo Xiaohong, president of the Chamber of Commerce for I/E of Light Industrial Products and Arts and Crafts.
¡°R&D Centre with Foreign Investment¡± seminar Major speakers: Leaders from MOFCOM; an official from the Department of Planning of Ministry of Science and Technology; a multinational representative.
Major contents: Introduction to China¡¯s policy on R&D centres with foreign investment; multinational companies will introduce overseas experiences in developing R&D centres.
¡°Foreign Invested Enterprises Liquidation¡± seminar Major speakers: Representatives from the Department of Treaty and Law MOFCOM; the People¡¯s High Court; Beijing Investment Promotion Bureau; Shandong Foreign Trade and Economic Committee.
Major contents: Overview of liquidation of foreign-invested enterprises; legal practices of liquidation of enterprises with foreign investment; examples of special liquidation of enterprises with foreign investment in Beijing.
¡°IPR Protection in Foreign Trade and Investment¡± seminar Major speakers: Leaders and experts from the Department of Treaty and Law, MOFCOM; State Intellectual Property Protection Bureau; Trade Mark Office, State Administration of Industry and Commerce; National Copyright Administration of China; General Administration of Customs.
¡°Trade and Investment Barriers¡± seminar Major speakers: Officials from the Division of Investment and Trade Barriers, Bureau of Fair Trade for Imports and Exports, MOFCOM; a lawyer from the office of a celebrated US firm in China.
¡°Opportunities and Challenges of M&As of Urban Waterworks by Foreign Investors¡± Major Speakers: Representatives from departments in relevant provinces or cities.
Seminars organized by CIFIT affiliates and social or- ganizations ¡°China International Logistics Investment Co-operation Seminar¡±
Major speakers: A MOFCOM leader; Wang Derong, executive president of CCTA; Xu Ming, director general of the Suzhou Industrial
Park; Zhong Rongqin, secretarygeneral of the Taiwan Logistics Association; a representative from UNDP and ILT; senior representative from EXEL.
Major contents: Release of the status quo of, and supporting policies for, China¡¯s utilization of foreign capital in logistics; discussion of the status quo of China¡¯s logistics market and its development trends in the future; introduction of advanced experiences in developed countries in terms of policy orientation and corporate management for the logistics
¡°Round-table Conference on the Co-operation of International Goodwill Chambers of Commerce¡±
Major speakers: CEOS or experts from world-renowned chambers of commerce.
Major contents: The importance of information in investment and trade; use of the most authentic and effective information to serve enterprises; fully utilizing modern information technology to strengthen exchange between chambers of commerce.
¡°Investment Co-operation Forum for International Friendship Cities of China¡± Theme: To promote investment and trade between China and the world through friendship cities.
Major speakers: Senior representatives from China¡¯s international friendship cities. Major contents: Introduction by Chinese friendship cities on their economies, cultures, education, urban construction, specifically on their investment environment, investment policies and more importantly, on their intention for economic and trade co-operation, with a view to exchanging
useful information, deepening mutual understanding, and exploring prospects for co-operation and common development.
¡°Capital Forum ¡ª the First Summit of the World¡¯s Major Stock Exchanges (Xiamen)¡±
Sponsor: China (Xiamen) International Investment Promotion Centre (Xiamen Convention & Exhibition Association); Securities Market Weekly; Power Capital Ltd. Major speakers: Senior representatives from the China Securities Regulatory Commission, NASDAQ, Canada Stock Exchange, Hong Kong United Stock Exchange. World-renowned experts on investment banking.
Major contents: Chinese enterprises going public abroad is an important means for the entry of foreign capital into the Chinese
market; the promising prospects for the entry of overseas capital into the Chinese capital market; introduction by the major stock exchanges of the world on major approaches and ways to go public abroad and its advantages, and the features and services
provided by them; perspective analysis and forecasts by worldrenowned investment banking experts on the future of international
capital flow and global economic development.
¡°International Investment (Fund) Manager Forum¡±
Sponsor: The Chinese Academy of International Trade and Economic Co-operation, MOFCOM; the Asian Investment Association, Canada.
Major speakers: Cai Haitao, president of the Chinese Academy of International Trade and Economic Co-operation, MOFCOM; Zhao Yuan, executive partner of James Adviser Co Ltd; senior managers of large domestic investment agencies; chairmen or CEOs of Chinese enterprises; the president of the Canadian Investment Fund; presidents from North America¡¯s Large Investment Fund; some senior managers of overseas real estate and medicinal industries.
Seminars organized by overseas institutions ¡°UK/China Investment Partnership Seminar¡±
Sponsor: British Consulate General, Guangzhou. Major speakers: the UK ambassador to China; MOFCOM representatives; Claire West, Invest UK China manager; officials from the Department of International Economic Co-operation, MOFCOM; Chris Wood, consul
general BCG Guangzhou; director of the Fujian Software Association; Haden Spicer, commercial consul.
¡°Canada: Innovation Nation ¡ª Investing and Partnering with Canada¡± Sponsor: Consulate General of Canada, Guangzhou
Major speakers: High-profile officials from the Canadian Government; representatives from Ontario in Canada and relevant
¡°Win in France ¡ª Activities to Attract Investment in France¡±
Sponsor: French Embassy in China. Organizer: IFA (Invest in France Agency), DS Avocats, ERAI.
Major speakers: Olivier Candiotti, French commercial councillor and director of French Trade Commission in Guangzhou; Philippe Bardol, IFA¡¯s China correspondent; a lawyer from DS Avocats; Jean- Maurice Hebrand, chief representative of ERAI Shanghai, Rhone-Alpes Region.