By Qiu Quanlin
The Opening Ceremony of the eight China International Fair for Investment and Trade in Xiamen on September 8,2004.HUANG YIMING

      With two international expos and an intellectual property seminar to be held in conjunction with the ninth China International Fair for Investment and Trade (CIFIT), Xiamen, the city hosting the events, will be bustling with overseas investors from September 8-11 this year.
      The organizing committee of the upcoming CIFIT recently announced that the ASEM Trade and Investment Expo, an APEC Intellectual Property Protection seminar and the first Tourism Expo across the Taiwan Straits will also be held during the ninth CIFIT.
       Surrounded by these complementary events, CIFIT is expected to emerge as a complete international investment expo next year on the occasion of its tenth anniversary.
       As proposed by Premier Wen Jiabao during his attendance at the fifth ASEM, the ASEM Trade and Investmen

Expo will be held concurrently with this year's CIFIT in Xiamen.
      Senior officials representing 39 ASEM member countries will attend the expo, which was designed to promote meaningful co-operation on economic interests and trade between Asia and Europe.
      An ASEM Trade and Investment Forum and an ASEM Briefing on Trade and Investment Policies, to present and elaborate on member countries' respective investment climates, will be held at specially designated areas within the exhibition hall.
      Meanwhile, the first Tourism Expo across the Taiwan Straits, proposed by Vice Premier Wu Yi, aims to showcase the geographic advantages of FujianProvince and Xiamen, as well as the area's rich tourism resources and sound investment climate, to further promote communication and co-operation

with the travel industry across the straits.
       In addition, a special APEC Intellectual Property Protection seminar will feature senior officials, entrepreneurs and academic fellows from among 22 APEC members who are invited to conduct talks on strengthening co-operation for the protection of intellectual properties among APEC members.
       As many as100 domestic and foreign representatives are expected to attend the two-day seminar. Organizers also plan to invite leaders from the Ministry of Commerce to deliver a keynote speech that will highlight staying abreast of legal issues and putting intellectual property protection into practice.
       With these three international conferences all taking place at once, the organizing committee estimates an increase of 2,000 overseas visitors and dozens of delegations to this year¡¯s CIFIT.

A dance rehearsal before the fair at the booth displaying Fujian's tourism industy. HUANGSHAOYI

The efforts of the organizing committee of the ninth China International Fair for Investment and Trade (CIFIT) to step up its promotional activities abroad appear to be working. According to official statistics released by CIFIT's organizing committee, to date more than 100 overseas business delegations have registered to attend this year¡¯s event.
The committee has dispatched three groups to the United States, Canada and Europe respectively to hold several promotional events, to which local government officials, business associations or chambers of commerce, as well as senior company managers, were invited.
       The promotions teams also visited local government departments in charge of economic, trade or investment development, semi-official business organizations, the Economic & Commercial Counsellor¡¯s Office of the overseas Embassy of the People¡¯s Republic of China and major Chinese communities in North America and Europe.

       Of the 100-plus overseas business delegations that have booked to attend this year's event, 10 groups are from the US and Canada, while more than 10 hail from Europe. In addition, Sweden, France, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Germany, Italy, Belgium, South Africa, Australia and Spain have expressed interest in hosting Pavilion Day activities.
       On April 5, chief representative of Belgium¡¯s Export Vlaanderen (Guangzhou Office) Koen De Ridder paid a special visit to Xiamen to discuss fair operations with the organizing committee.
        On May 17, Peter Van Roey, director of the Business Development Asia-Pacific Flanders Foreign Investment Office (FFIO), also visited Xiamen to engage in-depth discussions regarding exhibition participation, booth set-up and the holding of seminars with the organizing committee and personnel from the booth construction company.
         During this visit, Roey confirmed that Flanders would occupy 12 standard booths at this year's fair, after reaching an initial agreement with the booth construction company. At the same time, the Flanders government also confirmed that it would hold a briefing on trade and investment in Flanders during the fair, which may be attended by about 100 guests.


      New Chinese name for CIFIT
The new Chinese name for the China International Fair for Investment & Trade (CIFIT) has been officially declared by the State Council of the PRC to be used for the ninth annual fair.
       Previously, the Chinese title for the fair did not include the word ¡°international¡±. The change was deemed appropriate as more and more overseas exhibitors and visitors have been taking part in the fair in recent years. The eighth fair attracted exhibitors from 43 countries and regions, while visitors from 118 countries and regions attended the event.

       CIFIT joins UFI
       The China International Fair for Investment & Trade (CIFIT) recently joined the Union of International Fairs (UFI).
       UFI was founded on 15 April, 1925 in Milan, Italy, by 20 leading European fair companies. As of 2004, the association had grown to 256 members representing leading tradeshow organizers and fairground owners from the exhibition industry.
       Admittance to the UFI reinforces the fact that CIFIT is becoming more international in scope and should enhance the fair's reputation around the world.

       Taiwan agriculture group seeks co-operation
       The Taiwan DelicateAgricultural Development Association recently visited Xiamen. Association members negotiated with representatives of the mainland's agricultural sectors about developing Taiwan¡¯s agriculture cooperation withthe mainland during the China International Fair for Investment & Trade (CIFIT).

        More than 40 agricultural experts from 15 counties in Taiwan have joined the association.
        The association announced plans to organize a ¡°Cross-Straits Communication Seminar on Agricultural Co-operation¡± with its counterparts in Xiamen,to promote dialogue about agriculture between the mainland and Taiwan. 

      US, Canada conferences secure CIFIT participation
       The China (Xiamen) International Investment Promotion Centre sent a group of representatives to several cities in the US and Canada as part of its ninth investment and promotion conference from April 15 to May 1.
        The group visited Vancouver, Toronto, New York, Washington, Chicago, and Los Angeles, holding one conference in each city.
        So far, the Canadian Chamber of Commerce (China), US-China Chamber of Commerce and 10 companies and organizations from the US and Canada plan to participate in the ninth China International Fair for Investment & Trade (CIFIT).

        CIFIT promo conference in Hong Kong
        The organizing committee for the ninth China International Fair for Investment & Trade (CIFIT) will holda promotional conference in Hong Kong on June 29. The conference will takeplace at the Hong Kong JW Marriot from 10 am to 11:30 am.
         The latest information about the upcoming CIFIT will be outlinedat the conference.
Representatives from the SAR's business sector and companies stationed in Hong Kong, as well as reporters from various media outlets, are invited to participatein the conference.

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