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1. Airport Logistics Centre, Ningbo, Zhejiang
Total investment: US$181 million
Intended mode of investment: Joint-venture
Summary of the proposed project:
The proposed logistics centre will mainly serve to provide cargo distribution and international airfreight logistics as well as bonding functions for the commerce and industrial businesses in southern Ningbo. The project will involve a total investment of RMB1.5 billion and capital investment will be introduced. Sino-foreign JVs, airline companies, airline charter companies, airfreight forwarders, modern logistics firms, high-tech enterprises and transportation companies are all welcome to operate their business here. The internal return rate is forecast at 13.15 per cent for the next 15 years with a payback period of 13 years.

2. Kemen Copper Refinery Project, Fuzhou, Fujian
Total investment: US$450 million
Intended mode of investment: Sole
Summary of the proposed project:
A deep-water harbour in Fuzhou, Kemen Port is designed to be the largest supplier of energy and metallic materials in Fujian Province, a seaside industry based on metallurgy and machinery, and a port for Fujian Province, Zhejiang Province, Jiangxi Province and many other inland provinces. In accordance with similar projects throughout the country and around the world, the refinery would be capable of handling an annual capacity of 200,000 tons of electrolytes, 700,000 tons of sulphuric acid, 70 kg of gold, 3,300 kg of silver and 1,300 tons of sulphuric acid by importing 800,000 tons of fine copper mine with 2 per cent copper component.

3. Intelligent Traffic Control System, Huizhou, Guangdong
Total investment: US$6 million
Intended mode of investment: Joint-venture
Summary of the proposed project:
The public security and traffic control system is a complete system that integrates communication, command control and information technology, computer technologies such as electronic information technology, computer technology, image technology, GPS and GIS in urban surveillance and control, traffic signal control, traffic guidance and traffic accident warning systems, with independent subsystems through the computer network and communication network for unified command and scheduling, creating an efficient, intelligent traffic management system. Suitable products include: automatic red light surveillance system (electronic police), highway entry surveillance system, traffic dispatching system, etc.

4. Expansion of Production Lines for Washing Machines and Refrigerating Closets, Chengdu, Sichuan
Total investment: US$12 million
Intended mode of investment: Joint-venture, Co-operative and Technical Expertise
Summary of the proposed project:
This project will introduce advanced technology to the production of washing machines and refrigerating closets. A 13,000-square metre factory has been built and equipped with adequate water, power, gas and other basic facilities. The factory has production and assembly lines for manufacturing dual-tub washing machines and refrigerating closets, as well as the relevant inspection and transporting lines. In China's western market, the volume of demand for dual-tub washing machines equals 1 million units per year, while the volume of automatic washing machines is 0.8 million units each year. Although there is norefrigerating closet production line operating in the western region at present, the estimated annual demand will be 200,000 units.

5. PVC Production Line with Annual Capacity of 300,000 tons, Yinchuan, Ningxia
Total investment: US$139.78 million
Intended mode of investment: Joint-venture, Co-operative and Other
Summary of the proposed project:
One of the five most commonly used synthetic resins in the world, PVC is valued for its thermo-plasticity. PVC demonstrates resistance to etching and self-extinguishing. This light yet strong material is easily processed. PVC can be used in a number of different fields, including industry, agriculture, construction, communications and transportation, electric power and telecommunications, and shipping to produce construction materials, packing materials, electronic materials and articles of everyday use. This project will adapt the technology needed to produce PVC by decomposing calcium carbide.

6. Logistics Centre Project in Nantong Harbour, Jiangsu
Total investment: US$20 million
Intended mode of investment: Joint-venture
Summary of the proposed project:
With its relatively high level of economic development, combined with a growing volume of trade and sophisticated communications systems, Nantong is ideally situated to become an important logistics centre. The construction of the Nantong port customs supervision complex, in conjuction with the logistics project, is intended to optimize the area's investment environment. The Nantong port customs complex will be equipped with an entrance guard system, all-around precaution system, electronic patrol system, electronic "discern & release" system and fire control sprinkler system, with 24-hour supervision of all port-related activities.

7. Construction of Organic Fruit Farm, Shijiazhuang, Hebei
Total investment: US$15 million
Intended mode of investment: Joint-venture and Co-operative
Summary of the proposed project:
"Tianhua" brand fruits are recognized in both domestic and foreign markets for their superior quality, with export quantities increasing year after year. With the completion of the Tianhua Company's 3333 hectare organic fruit farm, the quality of its fruit will be raised even higher, along with the prices and export quantities. The area where the project will be located enjoys a good traffic network, possesses rich water resources and is convenient for irrigation. The 3333 hectare organic fruit farm will be capable of generating an estimated US$30 million per year.

8. Construction of Aluminium Foil Production Line, Shenyang, Liaoning
Total investment: US$24.69 million
Intended mode of investment: Joint-venture and Sole proprietorship
Summary of the proposed project:
Aluminium foil is in demand for use in the air-conditioning, cigarette, ornamental foil, cable foil, pharmaceutical, auto, soft packaging and electronics industries. At present, there is no aluminium foil manufacturer in any of the three northeastern provinces of China. This project would take advantage of the huge market demand and plentiful development space to create the first aluminium foil production line in Northeast China.

9. Refurbishment of Historic Buildings on Gulangyu Isle, Xiamen, Fujian
Total investment: To be decided
Intended mode of investment: Joint-venture and Sole proprietorship
Summary of the proposed investment:
Gulangyu Isle, covering an area of 1.87 square kilometres just off the coast of Xiamen, is home to the former consulates of 13 countries, including European nations, the US, and Japan, as well as more than 1,000 villas built by overseas Chinese during the1920s and 30s. These buildings reflect the prevailing architectural styles then popular all over the world and possess a high tourism value. The total area of the planned project covers 17,425 square metres and includes building styles from Japan, Europe and the Netherlands successfully integrating contemporary Chinese, Western and traditional Chinese architectural features.

10. High-Frequency & High-Voltage X-Ray Machines for Medical Diagnosis, Guilin, Guangxi
Total investment: US$12 million
Intended mode of investment: Joint-venture and Co-operative
Summary of the proposed investment:
Investment in this project will allow the company to achieve an annual production capacity of 5,000 high-frequency X-ray machines for medical diagnosis, including high-frequency and high-voltage generators. The anticipated annual sales income will be RMB800 million, with estimated profits of RMB120 million. The project area is free of high levels of pollution, is convenient to traffic and has a sufficient electricity supply. The project will cover a total area of 56,888.24 square metres, of which the plant will occupy 10,964 square metres, the warehouse 7,456 square metres, production facilities 922 square metres and other facilities 1,260 square metres.

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